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KU-WEE Hub voted member of the Global WEE Hub’s Steering Committee

KU-WEE Hub was recently voted to sit in the Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Hub’s steering committee. The Global hub works to build and utilize the global evidence base on women’s economic empowerment using a feminist and intersectional approach as the basis for strategic advocacy to shape policy and increase funding to advance gender equality, address structural barriers, and foster women and girls’ voice and power as economic actors at the global, regional, and in select national levels.

KU-WEE Hub will be at the center of the Global hub’s vision of creating a gender-equitable world without discrimination, inequality or poverty, in which sustainable and inclusive economic systems support decent work and livelihoods and the equitable distribution of wealth. As a women’s economic empowerment data hub the vote provides the Hub a critical platform to advance advocacy for the recognition, reward, representation and equitable distribution of care work within households across the country and behold. KU-WEE Hub will play a key role in ensuring that policymakers and international institutions center the needs of women and girls, and design, implement, and fund inclusive, evidence-based, feminist, intersectional, and gender-transformative solutions to the challenges they face. This is especially critical as Kenya and the world gear up for post pandemic economic recovery.

As a steering committee member, KU-WEE Hub will serve for 18 months, actively participating in monthly Steering Committee meetings, quarterly full coalition meetings, and relevant working groups, shaping coalition advocacy strategy and work planning and contributing to/voting on coalition decisions as needed. It will contribute to the development and implementation of the coalition’s advocacy strategy, including regular review of progress against agreed goals/objectives/benchmarks and ensuring accountability to our goals, among other key responsibilities.

The Hub was officially launched on March 17, 2022 in an online event during which the KU-WEE Hub leader presented on SGBV. You can watch a recording of the event here


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