Primary Outcome: Exposure of 20% women to lifelong learning programs enhance their skills for economic self-empowerment by 2025.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (, MBA, PhD ongoing

David is an experienced Researcher and a Tutorial Fellow in Kenyatta University, School of Business, department of Business Administration. David’s recent assignments include Nakuru county coordinator role for the Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities Program (KYEOP). The project is sponsored by the World Bank and is being implemented by the Ministry of Youth and NITA. Kenyatta University is a training partner for KYEOP. The project includes industry research to identify relevant skills for job specific competency-based programs followed by training, internship and Placement for the Youth beneficiaries.

He has recently concluded a Program Capacity Assessment (PCA) and Monitoring Review (MR) for Gavi and Ministry of Health for Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia. The PCA and MR scope of work included financial management capacity review, Funding mechanism, Program management capacity and Vaccine Cold Chain Management. David’s role included review of data correction tools, In-depth Interviews, Data analysis and report writing. The project was implemented by Captiva Africa. David’s research experience also includes Market Assessment in the Oxfam project – Promoting Livelihoods and Inclusion of Vulnerable Women Domestic Workers and Women Small Scale Traders. The project involved field survey of women working in the informal sector in Nairobi.  David has also been involved in the research for innovative business models for plastic manufacturers in Kenya. The project was sponsored by the World Bank and implemented by PSI.

David’s consultancy assignments also include business development for various organisations. David was a lead consultant for the Safaricom wholesale strategy Review. The project was implemented by ATFirst. David was a senior consultant in the Gates funded project in Ghana implemented by Biofilcom. The project’s scope included research on innovative sanitation solutions. David was also a business development manager in the IFC led project for Gulf Energy whose key deliverable was a 5-year strategy to upscale clean energy project using the 1 kg refillable gas cylinder.

David’s employment record include the following: Account Manager, Dealer Manager and Marketing Manager for Africa Online/IwayAfrica;   Sales & Marketing Manager for FedEx Eastern Africa.