Dr. Teresa Mwoma, an eminent scholar and advocate, stands as a distinguished figure in academia and high-profile initiatives dedicated to uplifting marginalized families and vulnerable children, particularly during their formative years of development. Holding a coveted Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr. Mwoma’s research focuses on the intricate dynamics of stakeholders providing psychosocial and educational support to orphans and vulnerable children in Soweto Township.

As a luminary in academia, Dr. Mwoma earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Early Childhood Studies from Kenyatta University, Kenya, delving into the critical role of paternal involvement in children’s education, particularly in the Gucha District currently in Kisii County Kenya. This academic journey reflects a commitment to scholarly excellence and a nuanced understanding of complexities within the field.

In the realm of professional leadership, Dr. Teresa Mwoma currently serves as the Executive Director of the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) since October 2020. This high-profile role involves not only administrative and financial management but also providing strategic vision and leadership for ACDE. Dr. Mwoma excels in enhancing ACDE’s profile through corporate communications, media engagement, and collaborative efforts with governmental bodies and regional organizations. She is the founder and National Coordinator ECD Network for Kenya coordinating ECD initiatives in Kenya by creating dialogue forums for actors in the ECD space including policy makers and programme implementers in early childhood development in Kenya

Within the academic sphere, Dr. Mwoma holds the position of Senior Lecturer at Kenyatta University in the Department of Early Childhood Studies since March 2015. This role encompasses the training, mentoring, and supervision of graduate students in diverse areas such as child development, community development, education, maternal and child nutrition, and the management of early childhood programs.

Dr. Teresa Mwoma is not only a distinguished academic but also a prominent researcher and consultant. Engaging in studies funded by globally recognized entities such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the British Council, Conrad Hilton Foundation, World Bank, Global Challenge Research Fund, National Institute of Child Health and UNESCO, contributing significantly to addressing critical issues related to child development, education, and healthcare. This high-profile involvement highlights Dr. Mwoma’s standing as an expert in the field, sought after for insights and guidance on pressing global challenges with a special focus on ECD.

Dr. Mwoma has participated in policy development initiatives that led to the development of the Kenya National Preprimary Education policy 2018 and the Kenya Prisons Childcare policy as well as the ongoing Integrated ECD Policy that is in the final stages of development. In addition, Dr. Mwoma participated in the National Steering Committee on Competence Based Curriculum that saw for the first time in Kenya have the two years of preprimary education embedded into CBC.

With a robust family foundation as a married individual with five children, Dr. Mwoma seamlessly intertwines personal and professional commitments, embodying the essence of a high-profile academic dedicated to making a profound and lasting impact on society’s most vulnerable populations. Dr. Mwoma’s career is a testament to a relentless pursuit of excellence in academia and a profound commitment to shaping a better future for the world’s marginalized and underserved communities.