Primary Outcome:  At least four gendered responsive policies implemented to protect women and communities against sudden adverse socio-economic shocks (particularly those related to pandemics) by 2025.

Dr. Teresa Mwoma is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood and Special Needs Education, Kenyatta University. Dr. Mwoma is seconded to the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) as Executive Director, coordinating open, distance and e-learning in Africa, for ACDE member institutions. Before Joining ACDE, Dr. Mwoma was managing higher education in emergencies for refugees in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya, as a Coordinator Kenyatta University Dadaab Centre. Previously, she was Director International Centre for Capacity Development, Kenyatta University, coordinating capacity development initiatives for various governmental and non-governmental organizations/agencies in Kenya. Besides that, Dr. Mwoma is the founder and National Coordinator ECD Network for Kenya and coordinating ECD initiatives in Kenya, by creating dialogue forums for policy makers, professionals, researchers, donors, UN Agencies and programme implementers in early childhood development in Kenya. Dr. Mwoma has mentored over 40 graduate students who have graduated with their Masters and PhDs in early childhood studies. She is a Research Associate University of Johannesburg under the South African Research Chair Education and Care in Childhood. She has a wide experience in research and consultancy in early childhood care, education and child protection. She is a DAAD scholar who holds a Ph. D in Early Childhood Studies from Kenyatta University. She also completed a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Education and Care in Childhood from University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Her research interest focuses on nurturing care in early childhood development, policy, the girl child, capacity building, adolescent mothers and orphans, and vulnerable children as well as open, distance and e-learning.