Dr. Sheila Mutuma is a university lecturer, a researcher and a trainer with unique teaching and training abilities that help enhance her daily work. I hold a PhD in Gender and Development Studies and currently serving as a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies at Kenyatta University. My Dissertation research was on Gender, Agriculture and Technology. As a researcher I specialize in in gender analysis, gender mainstreaming/gender responsive practices and policies at the community, institutional and programme levels. At the community level I participate in mobilization and capacity building/trainings. Amongst other organisations, I have worked through Hope Foundation for African Women (HFAW) a non-profit organization dealing with women empowerment and reaching out to the local leaders to be part of these processes. I am the current HFAW foundation chairperson. I have been involved in a number of consultancies and trainings both at the university and community levels. I am currently coordinating a team of researchers as a Principal Investigator (PI) on behalf of Kenyatta University Women Economic Empowerment Hub (KU WEE Hub) in a project entitled “Women’s Participation in Management and Leadership in the Public Sector in Kenya: Closing the gender gap” funded by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. It entails providing leadership and direction to the project, liaising with the stakeholders, arranging and coordinating field visits, development sex and gender disaggregated data collection tools and design, support in sampling strategy to collect relevant data, support synthesis and writing of the gender analysis report, present findings at the stakeholders’ workshop which Lead in documentation of reports and other relevant document that are gender focused for advocacy purposes.