Primary Outcome: Exposure of 20% women to lifelong learning programs enhance their skills for economic self-empowerment by 2025.

Dr. Rubai Mandela is a researcher in the lifelong learning Project of the KU Women Economic Empowerment Research Hub. She is a Senior Lecturer at the KU School of Education, where she teaches courses in Sociology of Education and Health Education. She has research interests in gender, sexuality and religion in the context of education. Dr. Mandela has actively researched on gender and girl child empowerment in marginalized communities, refugee settings and city slums for over 16 years. One of the long term projects she participated in is the Girl Education Challenge (GEC) Wasichana Wote Wasome (Let all girls learn) that was supported by Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK), GCN, DfID, AMURT, Concern Worldwide and CfBT Education Trust. She is an established consultant and the current Co-Chairperson of WERK. Dr. Mandela has presented numerous papers at local and international seminars and conferences and is widely published. Her recent books include The Nexus of Culture and Christianity: Complexity of Masculinity in Africa and Before Two Become One: Navigating Pre-Marital Relationships in Africa.