Primary Outcome:  At least four gendered responsive policies implemented to protect women and communities against sudden adverse socio-economic shocks (particularly those related to pandemics) by 2025.

Dr. Esther Munyiri is the Director, Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management (GTRCM) at Kenyatta University. Until her appointment, Dr. Munyiri was the Chairperson, Department of Hospitality and Tourism in Kenyatta University. She holds First Class Honours in Tourism Management as well as Masters and PhD in Tourism Management. Her areas of interest include Climate change vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation, Crisis management in tourism, Geospatial analysis, tourism governance and regional development, tourism management and marketing and Community tourism development. She has wealth of experience in tourism management from work engagements with Aigas Field Centre in Scotland, Scottish Government Agency for the Natural Environment, the Scottish Natural Heritage and  Lewa Wilderness Trails tourist Lodge. She has developed a good capacity in the fields of Erasmus+, networking, Higher education programmes, mentoring, international development and cooperation, hospitality, and intercultural communication. Her role as Director of the GTRCMC-EA in Kenyatta University involves spearheading research and dissemination of findings on crisis preparedness, response and recovery, risk prevention and management and providing policy and strategy direction to the Government and other stakeholders in the tourism industry in the region.

She is a researcher working on the Gendered Impacts of the Kenyan Government Policy Responses to Covid-19 at the Hub.