Primary Outcome: Exposure of 20% women to lifelong learning programs enhance their skills for economic self-empowerment by 2025.

Dr. Isanda Beatrice is a full time faculty member at Kenyatta University, Department of Early Childhood and Special Needs Education, Kenya. She is also a co-associate at Jaslika Consulting and the Country Representative of Philippine-Kenya Education Network. She is a teacher, leader, mentor, advocate and researcher who through inclusive education continues to contribute to equal access for children at risk. Dr. Isanda has also dedicated her life to improving the quality of life of children with disabilities and children living under difficult circumstances through a child-centered approach for over 20 years. She has a legacy of putting the needs of the children she serves above all else; developing unique educational plans and resources with the goal of meeting their individual needs. She also has significant experience and expertise in training persons interested in working with persons with disabilities, providing career support and employment opportunities for graduates with and without (training them in skills they need to thrive in the job market). Her primary research interests are in access and equity in education, girl-child empowerment, deafness, sign systems and instructional technologies for persons with disabilities. Outside her career endeavors, she is engaged in philanthropic activities in the communities she serves.