KU-WEE Hub Team Meeting with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya)

On Tuesday 8th, December 2020 a team of KU-WEE Hub members led by the Hub Leader, Prof Judith Waudo,  visited and had a partnership discussion with the Institute of Economic Affairs at their offices. The team from IEA was led by their Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kwame Owino. The meeting discussed the strengthening of the primary partnerships with IEA and also discussed the modalities of implementing activities in the KU-WEE Hub 5 year project cycle. The IEA will support policy related dissemination and advocacy efforts for all the projects and will be represented in key committees of the Hub, including the KU-WEEE HUB Board and the Technical Committee.  The IEA will implement its own study: “Gender Responsive Budgeting: Tracking the Effects of Budgets and Public Spending on Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiatives (WEEI)”. The IEA will, as the need arises be invited to participate in the meetings with the Donor. The team was invited to the launch of the Hub where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was tabled for signature by the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University, Professor Paul Wainaina The Subaward Agreement (Memorandum of Agreement) was signed on May 30, 2021.

Figure 1: The KU-WEE Hub Staff led by The Hub leader (4th from left) during a briefing session on the KU-WEE Hub Project at the IEA office. At 2nd left is the CEO of IEA


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