KU-WEE Hub & UON WEE Hub Joint Co-Learning Session

The Kenyatta University -Women’s Economic Empowerment (KU-WEE) Hub and University of Nairobi Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Hub held a joint three-day co-learning session on “Reflections on methodological approaches to research on Women’s Economic Empowerment”, from 19th -21st May 2021. During the training that brought together 40 senior researchers drawn from the two Universities, the team reflected on the relevance of Grounded Theory to Women’s Economic Empowerment. In addition, they explored different methodological approaches with a view to creating research synergies, unpacked what Women’s Economic Empowerment means for different groups and used grounded methodological approaches to develop a WEE research framework. The training was facilitated by the Director, Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women’s Law, University of Zimbabwe, Prof. Julie Stewart, Prof. Patricia Kameri-Mbote and Dr Nkatha Kabira from University of Nairobi and Prof. Grace Ngare from Kenyatta University.
In advancing research on WEE, the KU-WEE Hub will collaborate with the UoN WEE Hub through joint Policy engagements, knowledge sharing through mutual cross-learning platforms, co-review of research concepts and papers and joint supervision of postgraduate students undertaking the policy-driven research.

>>>ILO Indicators

>>>Pro-Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) Framework for Measurement of Women Empowerment: Excerpts from Kinangop EIGIA Study

>>>Excerpts from Kinangop Evaluation of Impact of Gender Integration on Agriculture (EIGIA) Study


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