Hub Researchers Discuss Ethical Clearance, Plagiarism

KU-WEE HUB researchers held a virtual meeting on Thursday, 24th June, to discuss research ethical clearance requirements.  The facilitator, Prof. Judith Kimiywe, who is the director of Kenyatta University’s Center for Research Ethics and safety shared the various standards for research proposals to meet the Ethics Review committee’s threshold. She reiterated the centrality of the promotion of the dignity, rights and safety of research participants in the credibility of research evidence.

In a separate meeting held on 25th June, 2021, KU-WEE Hub Researchers discussed the issue of plagiarism and its consequences.  The researchers drawn from various studies under the KU-WEE Hub project, deliberated on various issues related to plagiarism, including the types and forms, causes and ways of avoiding the academic fraud. The facilitator, Prof. Judith Waudo, who is also the Hub Leader, emphasised that the only way for the Hub studies to deliver credible evidence is to avoid the temptation to engage in any form of plagiarism, adding that the Hub in collaboration with Kenyatta University’s Graduate School, will carefully scrutinise all the proposals for originality before they are cleared for field work.

The dean of Graduate School, Prof. Elishiba Kimani, pledged the school’s support for the Hub by running independent originality tests on each of the proposals submitted to them. Prof. Waudo assured the researchers of the Hub’s commitment to the generation of credible data, adding that it is the responsibility of every research team to uphold the credibility of not only the Hub, but also the University as a whole.


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