Dr. Pacificah Okemwa

Is  a  PhD  holder in Religious Studies with 20 years’ experience in gender and development work. She is Chairperson of the Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies. She has interests in gender, women and cultural change. She has been involved in; (1) Since January 2020 as a lead researcher on women scientists for Forum for African Women Educationalists to culminate in a booklet on “Enhancing girls participation in STEM: Inspiring Stories of African Women Scientists” (2) Team member in Evaluation of Tamar Campaign on GBV packaged in Reflect Circles in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), (3) Was instrumental in the “Induction of the Anti- FGM Board on the Prohibition of FGM Act 2011” in 2016, (4) In 2015, she was a lead Researcher “Gender and Power Analysis in Five Informal Settlements – Nairobi Kenya. Findings influenced project approach by involving men in women empowerment programs, (5) In 2014, was involved in Gender Mainstreaming policy awareness in Kenya Power and Lighting Company.