Impact of KYEOP Program on employment for young women and men

The Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) is a transformational project that aims to empower and uplift the well-being of the youth in Kenya by equipping them with essential training, internship, and business grant opportunities. The project was launched in 2018 and have successfully completed 6 cycles and currently on the 7th cycle. It targets youth aged 18-29years whose highest level of education is High school or below and not enrolled in tertiary institutions. The project has four components: Improving youth employability, Support for job creation, improving market labour information and Strengthening youth policy development.

Preliminary findings on the impact of KYEOP indicate that beneficiaries of the program gained entrepreneurship skills and life skill lessons that were fundamental in aiding them to start their own business. Through the skills learnt one could easily become self-employed thus did not have to rely on employment.

However, a significant number of respondents had not secured employment and those who had were still earning low wages which were not commensurate with their skills. The youths interviewed felt that the programmes did not have plans for transition from Apprenticeship to employment. The respondents complained that the government did not issue them with certificates as anticipated and hence lacked evidence of successful completion.


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