Engaging Key stakeholders during the Women’s Economic Forum, 2023

Cabinet Secretary, Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action, Hon. Isha Jumwa (seated, third from left) officiated the forum
KU-WEE Hub partnered with the Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust (CRAWN Trust) on 27th & 28th February 2023 in a Women’s Economic Forum 2023 at Safari Park Hotel. The initiative was designed under the leadership of women’s economic rights organizations offering space for them to determine key priorities selection processes and results while remaining flexible to the needs of the Kenyan women rights movement. The forum intended to contribute to gender equality and the enjoyment of human rights of women and girls in Kenya by improving the governance, management, programming and sustainability of local women’s rights organizations by enhancing their ability to deliver quality services and increasing the effectiveness of Kenyan women rights platforms. The Hub was represented by Prof. Waudo (who was among the Keynote speakers on KU Programme. In addition, Dr. Mwatha and Prof. Ngare Ms Darmi Jattani were key panelists on the themes on: Women’s Economic Empowerment priority areas, Barriers to WEE and Gender-Responsive Budgets respectively. Further KU-WEE hub, which was one of the planners of this event, brought on board the Kenya Association of Manufacturers to direct and steer the panel on women in the manufacturing sector. The widely attended meeting was officiated by the Cabinet Secretary, Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action, Hon. Isha Jumwa and Principal Secretary, State Department of Gender and Affirmative Action Ms. Veronica Nduva . The WEF-K can be accessed on the website: https://crawntrust.org/
The forum presented to the CS a very clear Communique on what stakeholders want to see in terms of the implementation of the two thirds of either gender principle. As a result of these deliberations with various stakeholder, KU WEE hub included, H.E the President appointed a 15-member committee through a gazette notice to deliberate on the process of actualizing 2/3 gender principle.

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