Kenyatta University, Women’s Economic Empowerment (KU-WEE) Hub will complete the following activities

Undertake analytical studies that will involve impact evaluations in three thematic areas:

  1. Women’s Roles in the Public and Private Sectors;
  2.  Women’s Skilling and Mentoring;
  3. Violence, Crisis, and Women’s Work.

Carry out an impact evaluation in one of the thematic areas, using Randomized Control Trials (RCT) to generate evidence on causal relationships and the effectiveness of a promising intervention to improve WEE.

Stakeholder engagement. National-level policy dialogues to discuss evidence and constraints, involving policymakers as well as citizens and civil society groups so that a range of informed stakeholder groups can come together to advocate for evidence-based policy making.

Capacity building to ensure that strong institutions and networks emerge and are available to partner with governments and others on evidence generation for WEE.

Advocacy and Communications strategy: The BMGF media partner will train researchers in advocacy and communications strategy in the following areas: packaging of research evidence for media; effective policy communications and advocacy; modes of communicating evidence effectively; how evidence needs to be packaged in order to be most impactful.